The Next 40 Days and Why

For the next 40 days I have decided to go on a “fast” from twitter,facebook, etc. I know some might be wondering why, some might not care,some might even say good riddance. In any event I just wanted to put down in words what has been going through my head.

I will also throw in a disclaimer saying that this blog will show up on twitter and FB but that is because they are auto linked.

As we get closer to the end of the year and as I get closer to my 40th birthday I have spent some time looking back on this year and grading myself. There has been a ton of good that has happened I have an awesome family. We are all healthy. I have a great job that I love doing with a company that is in hyper growth mode. I go to a great church I am involved in some great ministries. I have awesome friends …the list could go on and on. However even with all of that I know I under achieved. I know I didn’t do my best this year. I know I wasn’t as focused as I needed to be and because of that I lost some of my Mojo.

I want my Mojo back. I have decided with the help of my boss….thanks Jeff…that its time to focus. I am easily distracted by information. I am a sponge and truth be told I would rather spend all my time reading learning and talking about what I read and learned that just about anything else. However my job is not to do that. My job is to develop new business. My job is to maintain relationships. My job is to engage with my friends and family on a personal and intimate level and I LOVE my job….so now its time to devote myself 100 percent to doing my job!

The idea of the fast came while I was listening to a podcasted sermon from Jude Fourquier. He was talking about how the power of fasting and prayer together can bring about huge change. He also talked about how fasting does not always mean giving up food. Thank goodness for that. This polar bear needs to eat and eat often. In short I have decided that I am going to fast media wise and the times when I feel the pull I will pray instead of logging on.

I feel that this is going to open my mind and heart to a ton of opportunity and at the same time allow me to focus and connect with people in real live interactions. I imagine my cell phone bill and coffee habit is going to explode but I see that as a Great thing and I am truly looking forward to it.

So please if you need anything call me. If you don’t have my number message me and I will get it to you. I would love love love to talk to you. My phone is always on and I am always up for coffee.

Also keep me in your prayers for those of you reading who do pray. Prayer is a powerful thing. In fact let’s make a deal. I will pray for you if you will for me. Cool!

Everyone have an EPIC day. Thanks for reading. I will blog regularly and be online when I am 40 in 40.

Talk to you soon


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