Why is being honest so hard?

As we get closer to the end of 2011 I am hearing more and more stories of recruiting firms and candidates just flat out lying about clients, accomplishments, who else they are talking to etc… Companies are being less than honest about other candidates they have in the process.

Has everything in this business just turned into transactions and nothing more? Has the Bob Sugar mentality invaded the search space ” It’s not show friends; It’s Show Business!”. Man I hope not!

I thought recruiters were supposed to be trusted advisors and extensions of the clients that we are working with. If I was looking to someone as an advisor I would hope they would shoot me straight. Instead I hear about firms adding information and accomplishments to a candidates resume hoping that it would make the candidate more attractive. Doesn’t end well though when the client starts trying to discuss those bullet points and finds out they are all made up! Another search firm calls a candidate and arranges an interview with a company. While that person is out interviewing that same firm calls the candidates boss and tells him they heard through the grapevine that said candidate was getting ready to move on and should they start hunting for a replacement. Come on guys really! You can’t just try and get a deal done the right way!

This one seems to be really common these days. Yes candidate they are a client of ours and we can get you submitted when in reality all the firm has is a job posting they pulled off the web. How hard is it really to say ” I know that xyz company is looking for someone. I am not officially engaged on the search but I would be willing to try and open that door on your behalf. It could be a win win for both of us”. No instead search firm just submits the resume and it goes no where. The candidate thinks they are in the process when in reality there is a great chance the resume has never even been looked at.

These are people we are dealing with. This is their career we are helping to shape. That should mean something.

Tell The Truth! Do the deal because its the right deal to do not because the dollar signs are flashing.

Put the shoe on the other foot. How would you like to be treated? I am sure its not like the examples above!

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One thought on “Why is being honest so hard?

  1. I could not agree more. So much garbage out there and people just churning trying to get the next deal… and that’s the only deal this type of mentality serves– it destroys credibility.

    I’d like to think it ultimately lets the good people win. I think we’ve all seen that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s the people with the prettiest account executives. Sometimes it’s the guy who brings the donuts or buys lunch at the right time.

    There should be more people out there like you. Less like your competition.

    When I need people or I hear about people who need people, your name is one of the first to come up. That’ll count for something (if not today, someday).

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