This resonates with me!! 

“We often think of persuasion as a way to get what we want. But it’s all about your audience. Always. They care about themselves, their health, finances and families and friends. Your challenge is to remove yourself, to begin to see things through your audience’s perspective and to find a way to message from their needs, wants and desires. Step into their shoes. What matters to them? Determine what that is, and adjust your messaging accordingly. Speak to their needs. Address those needs, and you’ll win as well.”

I was reading an article this evening and I came across this paragraph. It really resonated!! 

I am a HUGE…HUGE…did I say HUGE believer in 2 things and I try and live my life by these 2 principles everyday.  

The first is Treat Others How You Would Like To Be Treated!  I credit my parents for instilling this and drilling this into me. Be Nice!! Be Self Aware but Selfless!! 

The second is You Will Get Everything You Want If You Help Enough People Get What They Want!! It’s not always about you!! Karma is real and if you put enough good out there it will come back to you!! 

Anyway I just wanted to share as this is something near and dear to my heart. 

As always if there is anything that I can do to help you just reach out. I am always happy to help!! 

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