Hurrah for the new ‘Golden Era’ of Agency recruitment ! | Greg Savage – The Savage Truth

Hardly a week goes by without some ‘expert’ trumpeting the death of agency recruitment, or a technology start-up predicting the ‘disruption’ of our industry,
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Truth Truth Truth and more Truth.

Greg Savage who most of you know I am a huge fan of hits the nail on the head yet once again.

Quality of Hire. Time to Hire. Two metrics that are passed over inside companies when they look at their internal recruiting processes.

Those empty seats are costing companies A LOT…much more than any fee you are paying to guys like me.

That equation needs to be a part of every audit when companies are measuring the effectiveness of their internal teams.

The results will be very telling and I submit you will have a very different impression on the use of agencies and guys like me to help you hire.

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