Recruitment. It’s like running a marathon. Just harder | Greg Savage – The Savage Truth

Not so long ago, I ran the Sydney Half Marathon. So why tell you this? Well, running this marathon reminded me of a very important life lesson. And it’s a
— Read on’s-like-running-a-marathon-just-harder/

A lot of truth in this one. The recruiting business is not all roses everyday..Believe me I know!! But man is it fulfilling!!! The impact that we can have on someone’s life is incredible!!!

Thanks Greg for the analogy, as recruiting is certainly a marathon and not a sprint, but more importantly thanks for pointing out that in the end what we do is so worth it, and that nothing worth having comes easy!! It takes effort and commitment and all of those not so exciting words that equate to hard work and difficult etc…but we just have to keep at it. Storms in our life will come, this we know but it’s how we stand in and enjoy the rain that matters!!

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