What empathy-centered leadership looks like – Work Life by Atlassian

Remote working conditions are accelerating the conversion of leadership styles from ‘command and control’ to ‘connect and communicate,’ emphasizing empathy. Source: What empathy-centered leadership looks like – Work Life by Atlassian Lots of great points made here.  Empathy is something that we all can get better at.  Putting others first, living by the golden rule, […]

Working remotely is going to be part of the “new normal” we need to get used to it!!

joshbersin.com/2020/05/remote-work-is-sinking-in-and-the-impact-is-bigger-than-we-realized/ Great information in this article about what remote work is all about and how people are looking at it going forward. If nothing else the surveys show that the majority of concerns and ideas about how to make things better are pretty consistent and make sense. We are all human beings and so our […]

Looking for a Job Has Changed Forever — and Here’s Why – ERE

Editor’s Note: For over two decades, John Sullivan has been a consistent contributor to ERE.net. Throughout his 1,024 articles (wow, right?), he has explored trends, challenged conventions, and offered solid advice. Never afraid to call out the profession for its shortcomings, John has been no stranger to controversial positions. Yet at the same time, he’s… […]

The Day After: What Will Recruiting Look Like? – ERE

Another great article that hits the nail on the head.   To state the obvious, we’re in uncharted territory, my friends. Every day hour brings new announcements and changes from every level of government as we all scramble just to stay in place. Those of us in talent acquisition and HR (and the partners and […]