The Great Global Reset – ERE

Great article below.  Hits on a lot of high points about what the future might look like.  Enjoy!!   I’ve had the misfortune (or fortune, if you’re perverse) of living through a few major global crises.  I founded in 2000, a year before the internet bubble burst and sent the stock market into a […]

CIO’s role in digital transformation has increased Great read on how the CIO role inside an organization has evolved. CIO’s are now more involved in the overall digital transformation of an organization. This includes both internal initiatives and external customers wants and needs. Thinking horizontally across a company’s business units is becoming the new norm. The days of IT being strictly […]

Remote Work may be the new normal I have been saying that if anything good can come out of the C19 mess it’s that companies have now figured out that working remotely is a viable option. This now allows companies to recruit and hire the best people for their roles. Geographies and long commutes are no longer a deal breaker. Let’s […]

Very interesting read Lots of interesting points made in the article. Hope you find it as good a read as I did. Enjoy!!

Your first 90 days as CTO or VP Engineering.

This is a great read!!!!! Whenever I transition to a new opportunity, I think about how to “start well.” How can I ramp up as effectively as possible? How do I balance the urge to “show value” immediately with making the right decisions? Source: Your first 90 days as CTO or VP Engineering.  

Has the Scrum Product Owner Role Run Its Course?

If the agile ideal is self-organizing teams, why have a product owner making decisions about their work? Is it time to abolish the product owner role? Source: Has the Scrum Product Owner Role Run Its Course? This is an interesting take to say the least.  I think it has some merits, but I am curious […]

Why is this being looked as as a new “thing”

Peer to Peer Influencing Just saw this article and it amazes me that people or companies are surprised by this. Claiming that Peer to Peer influencing is the next big this is ludicrous. It’s been a Big Thing forever. People who are looking to buy things ALWAYS ask for opinions from their peers. It’s human […]